Client: BAM Construct UK
Location: Aintree, Liverpool
Time: 2 Weeks

Architectural Coating Solutions undertook various repair and respray work at Aintree hospital. Over the course of 2 weeks, the team worked on various locations throughout the hospital to get it passed off on time, and on a budget.

The cladding had been damaged since it was installed. There were various dents and scratches throughout the new extension of the building and BAM needed a fast, cost effective method to meet the deadline for when the hospital went live. The panelling was 3 different colours, which all had to be colour matched by our supplier prior to commencing work. With the panelling being a metallic finish, it is so important to get the repair work perfect so no mapping occurs. It is also essential to use fade out thinners to blend the new paint into the panel to stop dry spots.

As you can see from the photographs, we enabled a brand new finish for a fraction of the replacement cost. The client was very impressed with the results, and we later got called back to finish the final phase of the project.