Client: Bruntwood
Location: Aspinall House, Bolton
Time: 4 days

Aspinall House was being refurbished into new offices and our client did not want to replace the main entrance, as it was the same as its neighbouring buildings. Over the course of time, the gold pearlescent colour had faded badly on the entrance, causing the building to look old and unappealing.

We started by masking off the surrounding door entrance and frames so they were protected from overspray. Next we had to remove all signage and proceed to abrade the facade panel. When spraying pearlescent paint you have to be perfect with technique, otherwise it could lead to dry patches and uneven spray patterns. After the pearlescent paint was applied, we came back at a later date to put the brown lines back in the panel to match the existing panel. The client was delighted and this lead to more work over the country. Another happy client!