Client: See Brilliance
Location: Portland Street, Manchester
Time: 6 Weeks

Architectural Coating Solutions  worked closely with See Brilliance in order to restore the exterior of Bank Chambers, Manchester. With See Brilliance restoring the stone and Sale Architectural repairing and re-spraying the metalwork.

Numerous samples were carried out prior before commencing any work so that the client had the opportunity to see what the building could potentially look like. They opted to go with matte black to match the neighbouring building.

The work had to be carried out on cradles which made it difficult to mask and abrade certain area’s that needed an angel wing attachment. Over the course of so many years, the metalwork had become faded and really made the building look aged.

As you can see from the pictures, it looks like a completely new building and gave the appearance a fresher and modern feel to it.

The job timeframe was 5 weeks, but due to weather, this pushed our time to 6 weeks.