Client: Iceland/Aldi
Location: Guisborough
Time: 1 Month

We were approached with this project to carry out spray and repair works to the whole building. Over the course of time this building had been badly damaged due to vandals throwing stones and debris at the cladding. Also whilst removing the previous signs, it left numerous old drill holes and pits. The soffits and downpipes were all flaking, adding more to the repair work.

We started by sectioning off the area with barriers, since one side of the building was on a main road and open to public and deliveries for the site. Since most work was not accessible with a scaffold tower, we had to hire a cherry picker for the duration on the works. We had to sand back using the appropriate grades and start to use a 2 part filler system for all the holes and dents. With the panels being micro ribbed and not flat we had to make sure the filler got shaped to the same groove as the panel. From there we applied primer filler to make sure the filler didn’t map and again abraded back until smooth. Because the panelling was prone to bad weather, we got advised by our paint technician on what to use to guarantee our work quality warranty. The buildings later got bought by Aldi and Iceland and as you can see from the pictures, it is a big difference from the ex focus store that used to be there!