Client: Manchester Apartments
Location: Oxford Road, Manchester
Time: 2 days

Our team started work early on a busy morning on Oxford street, Manchester. Over time the metalwork had deteriorated,  bubbling and rust had occurred all over the shop front. The client wanted the same colour but the shop to have a “brand new look” image again. It also had lots of excessive drill holes and indentations which needed to rectified.

We proceeded to spend the first day abrading the metalwork to get rid of the rust and bubbling. We also filled unneeded drill holes and dents around the frame. After this, the windows and surrounding areas had to be masked off to stop over spray occurring. From there we treated and primed all areas of exposed metalwork to make sure the finish would last.

Day 2 consisted off checking over the shop front with the client to make sure he was happy with everything. To our delight he was very impressed with what we had done, and hoped to see us again on another job in the near future.