Architectural Coating Solutions worked in partnership with media city on these louvres located at Booths, Media City. The condition of these louvres had deteriorated over the course of time and had become considerably rusty and damaged. The client wanted these to look like new again without causing disruption to the busy street beside it. 
Firstly we cordoned off each section at a time we were working on. That way we could keep our operation to a minimal and keep the public safe by not creating diversions onto the street. We proceeded to sand back all the metalwork with heavy grit paper, whilst grinding out any imperfections along the way. After abrading the rusty areas, we applied a coating which is manufactured to stop rust prevention. Because our client wanted the best possible durability, we were advised by our specialist paint technician on what would be most suitable for the job. We applied industrial marine grade primer, following by a 3 part system topcoat. We used cherry pickers and scaffold for access, and the job took approximately 5 weeks.